an ode to true love

An ode to true love

I was pondering one night, about the actual or factual nature of true love. It’s something that has always seemed to have intrigued me. I ask myself. Does it really exist?

Well, I’m no genius but I can definitely say I did feel it. It’s a one of a kind feeling, once you feel it for someone, no one else can replace it. It’s the sense of satisfaction you get knowing that your loved one is happy. It’s the happiness you get seeing your loved one’s success.

It’s the pleasure you get to see a smile on your loved one’s face which makes you happy in turn. Its the joy in little things you do for the person. It’s the connection you have which often words can’t express. It’s the care and love in small things. It’s not materialistic or bound to selfish motives.

It is pure. It is genuine.

It’s the feeling of unrest when you know your loved one is in problem. Its the endless hours spent talking absolutely nothing but having the satisfaction of pouring your heart out. It’s the feeling deep down your heart which wants you to be with the person again and again. It’s that euphoria just seeing the person.

It’s an immensely genuine feeling of being with the person, mind, body and soul. It’s the need of intimacy to experience love with each other. It’s an unspoken bond between two which when come together is magical. It is honesty and completely being yourself.

No taint no camouflage. Love is not fearful or greedy. Love is accepting your partner as a whole. Love is completing each other. True love is very rare. It is said that true love is the chance of being kicked by a horse to death. It something is that rare, then folks hold on to true love.

It’s a reason to live and a reason to die for. True love exists and true love is the best gift one could ever receive or give.

So never leave true love.

Cos it could be your only priced jewel ever.

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