Artist on the rise – Alison Gonsalves

Born in a village that has a reputation of producing fine Musicians; Majorda, Alison Gonsalves is bringing a new and fresh feel to the Goan Music scene. 

We had a personal chat with Alison and here’s how it went

So tell us How and When did you get into music? 

Unlike majority of the people in music industry, I wasn’t into music since childhood. Childhood was all about football, until it tore my ankle ligaments. I always listened to music as a kid and have been inspired by the likes of Bryan Adams, MLTR, Queen, BSB etc. I picked up the guitar when I was 17.

Initially I went for classes near a professional for a month, I didn’t like the pace I was learning so I turned to the Internet to teach me quicker. I’d go jamming with musicians that I know, not to get paid but to learn and for experience. In a year or so I started performing as a trio with my sister and a neighbour. After years of performing for Weddings, Parties and resorts/restaurants decided it’s time to express myself through my own music. 

Tell us something about your original music. 

Currently I’ve released 2 originals in konkani Mog Sasnacho and Mog Zala Mhaka. I never imagined they would get so much love from people. It’s been amazing so far. 

I guess many of your fans are eagerly waiting for your next release, do you have anything new brewing? 

Yes. My next song is also in Konkani. It’s closely related to the past two releases. I won’t say much about it, just wait for the release..

Lastly, What do you see yourself doing in the future on the music front? 

After the next konkani release, I plan to release a few English songs that are already written. I would definitely come up with more konkani songs as well, as I’m proud of my language. 

Well we await to see what Alison Gonsalves has in store for us. We wish him all the best in his musical journey. 

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