Comeback of The Malkiryads

Those who have seen Season 1 will know the excitement of wanting to know what’s in store for Season 2.
For those of you who don’t know, “The Malkiryads” is a goan konkani comedy web series which revolves around 6 students and their mischief. Season 1 was out in October 2019 (A Must Watch)

The series is written, directed, and edited by Benhur Silva, with cinematography by Chirag Naik.
The Malkiryads’ is a story is about 6 friends having diverse personalities, who end up together with the fun and mischief they stumble upon in idea that changes their lives.

The cast of ‘The Malkiryads’ includes Mayura Faldessai, Isha Kakodker, Aditya Naik, Dattej Naik, Ravi Kumbar, Aditya Kavlekar, Manvendra Singh, Amey Bandekar, Ujwala Pednekar and Benhur Silva among others.

The Malkiryads season 2 is premiering on YouTube on 20th June 2020 at 
8PM (India)
3:30PM (UK)
6:30PM (UAE)

Watch the season 1 if you haven’t watched yet.

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