How to create the right professional impression during online meetings

This lockdown has taught people to be more tech-friendly. Working from home has blurred the barriers between private and professional lives.
Post COVID19 this trend will continue, hence it becomes important to learn how to come across as a professional over a zoom, skype or any other online video call.

When you are in the office you present your best professional image and the same should be applied over an online video call because here also people can see you and form an opinion based on your intellectual, visual and emotional impression. It is inevitable, and happens within a matter of seconds based on the way you dress, speaks, how well do you listen, respond, your eye contact and your body language.Making a good impression on a Zoom, skype or any other online meeting comes down to a few simple points, starting with your imagery:

  1. We’ve all been on video calls where we end up looking up people’s nostrils or seeing the side of their face. When you’re on video, make sure you are positioned in the centre of the webcam.
  2. Eye contact is very important, the person sitting on the other end should feel that you are talking to her/him, and for that, you should look straight into the camera of your laptop and not into the screen.
  3. Sit at eye level to the lens, and try to position yourself so that it shows midsection up. Placing it too high leaves other participants staring down at you like a bad tv show. Putting a camera too low can lead to unflattering and awkward angles.
  4. Don’t sit too close to the laptop, it should be an arm’s length away.

5. Use earphone with mic for better clarity

6. Try to sit in a quiet place with no disturbance. Keeps the door shut and children in another room as much as possible

7. Your background is very important. Try to keep a clean white or grey background. You can also consider putting up a white chart paper behind you so that the background looks clean and white. (It will help you hide the clutter behind and in a professional meeting the clutter behind you forms a bad impression)

8. The light source should be in front of you. Ideally, try to get it over the laptop

9. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode and do not answer phones during the online meeting. If it is very important then request for permission, put your sound and video off and then answer the phone call. Keep the call short.

10. Do not walk around during an online meeting, be seated people who are talking find it very awkward to talk to blank screens in front of them.

11. Dress appropriately, especially for a business meeting. You don’t want your clients to remember you unshaven and in a dressing gown. Be as formal as you would be during an actual physical meeting.

12. How you show up for a meeting online is as important as showing up for a meeting face-to-face; therefore, be prepared and be on time

13. If you are initiating the meeting, ensure that there’s an agenda and that minutes are kept. Log in 10 minutes before the starting time

14. If you want to record the meeting then take permission from the rest of the participants before recording

15. Always mute yourself when you are not speaking. Even though you may not be speaking and think you’re being quiet, most microphones can pick up minor background noises, like coughs, sneezes, or typing. These sounds can easily distract other video conferencing participants and potentially even cause annoyance follows these simple points and have a great online meeting.

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