Petrichor- An Absolute Bliss!!

Is it only me or does anyone out there cherish petrichor! It’s the pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. It is that feeling when you wake up in the morning and breathe in the fresh air. It is the first fragrance to encounter as you step out of the house into your garden. It is the whiff you breathe while driving to your workplace and back along lush green fields and farms. It is that divine sensation of sipping a glass of warm ginger tea sitting by the window pane. Difficult to say which is better. The best feeling is going to bed cuddled in quilt, with windows open and breathing fresh air with the hint of monsoons.

Somebody once said clean air smells funny! But my question is what exactly did he smell?

The Power Of Smell
Smell is one of the most powerful senses.
It can transport us back in time in a moment. The sense of smell is more closely linked with memory than any of the other senses.
It also evokes emotions. Smell is one of the most important reason people are attracted to each other.
It is one of our most important survival mechanism. A bad smell warns us that we are in danger.

I am a pluviophile, I won’t deny the fact. I find joy and peace of mind on a rainy day. Who doesn’t? Petrichor for me is a fresh, aromatic, exhilarating and evocative smell which brings me back to my childhood.

It’s an absolute joy stepping out of the house with an umbrella hoping it will protect you till you reach your destiny but what’s better is, when it turns topsy-turvy just the time you need it the most and when there’s no place nearby to seek shelter.

The time of the year you enter a bus with a raincoat to prevent yourself from getting wet by the rains but get the look from all the other passengers in the same bus for being the cause, of them getting drenched with your wet raincoat.

The feeling of rain water touching your feet through your rain-shoes and I’m sure there isn’t anyone who hasn’t dipped their foot if not jumped into a rain-filled puddle. It’s also the time when every nook and cranny will serve an array ranging from Hot Tea, hot bhajiya right up to the famous spiced bhutta/maize. This also happens to be the time children resume school and the time of the year when you open new books and wonder which smells better.

The time of the year when you come drenched and your mother keeps a bucket of warm water outside your house so that you can rinse your feet before entering and another to drop your umbrella in and then your directed to a warm water bath followed by a hot meal.

That was life.! That is what petrichor means to me!Dedicated to all the people, grumbling about rains and the inconvenience it causes. Soon you will realise that those were the memories which will bring back memories for you and last for a lifetime.

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