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About Us

About Us

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About Us

Our journey to bring into existence Hey Patrao begins with the quest to find right information on the internet. Our website’s imaginator, Hansel Gonsalves is your very own Goan boy who took up the task of making things simple for the Goan community and tourists who love the state as much as he does. According to him, whenever he got to searching something in Goa which was outside his village he found it difficult because most of the information that was available on the internet was either paid, so you get to see what others want you to see or it was outdated. The last resort left was to depend on Locals for directions, suggestions and recommendations. He noticed that when you search on Google, many websites come up but whether all the information provided is accurate or not was the question.
Being in Mumbai for most of his life and an avid user of technology, he felt that getting around in Goa is quiet difficult than in other cities unless you know the place like the back of your hands.
Hansel’s vision of developing a platform wherein all businesses can be listed, paid or unpaid, big or small and that people whether locals or tourist can have access to accurate information and a lot of many other exciting offers was realized into Hey Patrao by our website’s transformator, Nikita. Together as a team, with years of effort and thoughtful planning we bring to you a state of the art website where you will find all the information you would require to get around Goa. If you are a local we help you to find all the services that you may require on a daily basis or on special occasions.
HEY PATRAO is not only just a SEARCH ENGINE but it is also a place where you can find some of the BEST DISCOUNTS that Goa has to offer. We are also trying to help all our Goan home owners and friends to earn a little extra, who give their apartments or HOMES ON RENT to tourists. This in turn helps all our customers to book holiday homes in Goa at affordable rates with the feeling of being at home. Other than this you can also buy our MERCHANDISE COLLECTION in support of certain organizations and groups. Other than this, Hey Patrao also has to offer a hand-picked collection of BLOGS, VIDEOS and PHOTOGRAPHS that are sourced from our very own verified guest bloggers and photographers. These resources capture and showcase the true essence of Goa and its culture.


Finding a Product, Place or Service that is best suited for you becomes easy with Hey Patrao Search.


The next time your on holiday, you have your stay sorted in Goa with the best pricing that Hey Patrao Homestays have to offer.


Live the best days of your life in Goa and leave the finding, planning and booking to us.


Inviting all vendors to register on our website. The perks of being part of our vendor network are:

Let listed for FREE

Gain Trust of Customers worldwide

Build your Network

Earn Extra Money

Get your service/product marketed by Professionals

We are trying to build a community wherein both are benefited, our esteemed vendor partners and our amazing website users. If you feel that we can improve on anything or you just want to show us some love for our efforts you can write to us at feedback@heypatrao.com.